Pet Stains and Odor Cleaning

Immediate action is necessary when your pet has an accident. You must blot up the urine using a clean towel or rag. Do not, under any circumstances, rub at the stain with a towel. This will force the proteins deeper into the fibers while also spreading them onto surrounding fibers.

Making matters worse is the fact that your pet can still recognize their odor, even after you have scrubbed the carpet. They will return to that spot again, creating a bigger problem.

It is important to call for help with pet stains as soon as they happen. The longer a stain is allowed to sit, the harder it will be to remove. There does come a point when even the strongest cleaners will not be able to correct the problem.

You will also find dozens of home remedies that claim to eliminate pet urine stains. The problem is that they typically don’t work and in many cases aren’t always safe for your carpet. Harsh cleaners can strip the color from your carpeting. They can also damage the backing, causing the fibers to pull away completely.

The best way to safely and effectively remove pet stains from the carpet is to call in the professionals. If water is used to clean a stain, you must have a powerful extraction system to remove all the water, dirt and urine residue. Only professional cleaning machines have the power that is necessary to safely remove the moisture and lingering pee stains.

We also have specially designed products that will neutralize the urine and encourage the proteins to release from the carpet fibers. Every layer of the carpet, backing and padding is treated with our special, deep-penetrating cleaner to ensure that the area is truly clean and the stain is removed.

Allowing the stain to soak through the padding and into the sub-floor can result in costly damages.  Keep your carpet fresh and clean by choosing to call the professionals at 2nd Generation Carpet Cleaning today.

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