Why Reading is so important to kids

Between the ages of 2-5 kids learn at a greater rate, they are sponges soaking up everything.  And as we all know books are becoming more scarce, we have gone into the digital world. Books give visual, touch, and listening skills. During this age group take a few minutes and sit down with a child […] Read more »

Children and Nutrition

I came across this picture on the web and it really hit home. Back in October 2012 I stumbled upon a movie called Genetic Roulette. This movie was a real eye open in so many ways. It made me think of the foods I’m really putting in my body. Since watching this movie I have  […] Read more »

Family Time

With our hectic lifestyles work, errands, driving the kids around to their activities, making dinner etc… Lets face it, family time gets put on back burner or forgotten about. Family time helps children create bonds with one another. It also helps kids to relax around you (the parent) so they will want to open up and […] Read more »

Fathers and Daughters

I remember the day when both my daughters were born, I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried when I first seen them. Each daughter has special moments of there birth that I will always remember. But one things for sure I will never forget the first time I held them. I believe it was […] Read more »