How To Save Your Carpet Using One Technique

Carpet Care Technique I’m going to let you in on a little known technique to help you remove up to 200% -500% More soil from your carpet. Without it costing you any more money. What I’m going to let you in on is a secret your average carpet cleaner wont share with you. And your […] Read more »

Act Of Kindness

Earlier today I was pumping gas and suddenly I was approached by a male with muffled words. I couldnt make out what he was saying and asked him”can you spaek louder” as vehicles were pullin away. What he asked me was “could I spare some change” I the asked what he wanted it for and […] Read more »

Pets and Children

A few months ago we lost our dog to a rare disease, I never thought he would have affected me and my family the way he did. He was part of my family for 9 years. After discussing his particular situation with are veterinarian, I ultimately had to have him euthanized. I thought the process would […] Read more »

Benefits Of Art

This weekend Me and my family visited Davis ,CA. We took the Davis art walk through the town, it was approximately 1.5 miles. My son and daughter both love art and I believe it opened their minds to other types of art they weren’t previous open to. Art develops creative thinking and imagination, it strengthens […] Read more »