How To Save Your Carpet Using One Technique

Carpet Care Technique

I’m going to let you in on a little known technique to help you remove up to 200% -500% More soil from your carpet. Without it costing you any more money. What I’m going to let you in on is a secret your average carpet cleaner wont share with you. And your carpet won’t need to be cleaned as often. Does it make sense that a carpet cleaning company teach you ways to avoid getting your carpet cleaned so often? Maybe Not, But remember we are not just any carpet cleaning company. 2nd Generation Carpet Cleaning thinks of ourselves as your carpet consultants. And it is my job to educate and consult you to help you gain the maximum return on your carpet investment. If my advice helps you extend the life of your carpet 3 or 4 years, maybe longer.¬†Then we have fulfilled our duty as your carpet cleaning consultant.

Your carpet is under attack from soil in all directions. North, East, South, West and every other angle imaginable. Regular foot traffic mixes with the soil and embeds it further into the carpet fiber. Soil such as sand, grit, pollen, dust mites, dead skin cells, bacteria, smog, pollution, pet dander, cooking oils, body oils etc.. It is essential to remove as many of these contaminates as possible to keep your carpet clean and soil free.

Secret Revealed

Most people vacuum their carpet in one direction over and over again and in the same pattern. Vacuuming your carpet in one direction is partially effective. Why only be partially effective when you can achieve maximum effectiveness, especially when it doesn’t take any longer to do it.

Vacuum Your Carpet In 4 Different Directions

Now you don’t have to do this each time you vacuum, for example if you vacuum your carpet once a week then vacuum the carpet in a North direction the first week, Eastern the second week, Southern direction the third week And so on…

Doing this removes soil straight out from the point of entry. After all, more dirt removed means less dirt in the carpet, resulting in less damage to carpet fibers. Your carpet will be cleaner, healthier, and stay that way much longer between cleanings. Try this simple technique and I promise you’ll see incredible results. We want to be your carpet cleaner for life.


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