Act Of Kindness

Earlier today I was pumping gas and suddenly I was approached by a male with muffled words. I couldnt make out what he was saying and asked him”can you spaek louder” as vehicles were pullin away. What he asked me was “could I spare some change” I the asked what he wanted it for and he replied “Im hungry, I havent eaten in 3 days.”

I felt unsure of his reason, just me protecting myself. Thats when I noticed a malnourished  dog by his side. And my curiosity made me ask “how long has it been since your dog has eaten? He replied”4days”. I told him I didnt have any change to give him and offered him some groceries instead. We both walked into the grocery store just a few feet away. He walked out with 3 days of food for himself and two weeks for his companion. And before we parted ways he stopped me and said” he approached more than 100 people who wouldnt give him the time of day”.

At first glance it looked like he had bad intentions but after engaging  with him for a few minutes, I determined he was really hungry. If we can all take a few minutes of our time and give a helping hand and show humanity towards one another. We can all make a difference in someones life.

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