Children and Nutrition

I came across this picture on the web and it really hit home. Back in October 2012 I stumbled upon a movie called Genetic Roulette. This movie was a real eye open in so many ways. It made me think of the foods I’m really putting in my body.

Since watching this movie I have  changed my diet. Its been  hard changing your daily eating habits. But since doing so my body has been feeling much better. Another task I was challenged with was getting my children to join in this lifestyle change. They fought me all the way and did not like the changes that were being made in the home. Eventually they started accepting the new eating plan. And now I can say my children are on their way to living a long healthy life.

One thing I figured out during this process is that, when you lead your children will follow. I also learned that you need to involve them and teach them the things your learning so they can understand what your trying to accomplish.

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