Fathers and Daughters

I remember the day when both my daughters were born, I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried when I first seen them. Each daughter has special moments of there birth that I will always remember. But one things for sure I will never forget the first time I held them. I believe it was pure love that I felt among many other emotions that I experienced.

This was 15 years ago and now I wonder where the time went. From changing diapers, singing them to sleep, playing dress up and having tea parties and now boys. We have boxes full of memories pictures, school work, personal belongings etc.. More memories to be made, cherished and put away in my memory box.

I can say it is an honor being my daughters father. And all my memories of there childhood will never be forgotten . Now I get to look forward to them graduating high school, college, getting married and having children of their own. My father/daughter  relationship is special in different ways to each girl

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